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We specialize in treating patients suffering from depression and trauma by providing innovative therapies to help our patients lead happy and healthy lives again.

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Brighter Future

"I found my old self back in 3 weeks"
“Through a natural and holistic process, I retrieved what I thought I had lost for such a long time...”

Making mental health an affordable solution that works for Brazil

We believe in making mental health accessible to all.
By providing you with the newest and most effective treatments, and affordable payment options, we seek to 

give you back the key to your mental health.

Reclaim your Mental Health

Innovative treatments mean more options for you.

  • Ketamine

IV ketamine is the gold standard treatment for ketamine in mental health. Powerful, rapid acting relief is available for treatment resistant patients.

  • MERT

The power of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation delivered with precision based on your unique brain waves. See your brain wave functioning optimize over the course of treatment

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About Ketamine

IV ketamine is an FDA approved medication, used off-label with extraordinary effectiveness in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

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Our patients are our strongest advocates, they went through our process, they’ll tell you about it.

Patient Testimonial:
"My initial visit was to help me with chronic pain that I had from a broken pelvis injury. Not only did I feel like I was walking on clouds for weeks pain free after my third treatment, Dr. Hassan and his team guided me a new meaning of happiness through Ketamine therapy and other tools they shared with me. I noticed a profound positive change in my mental well being. Their approach to prep, integration and follow up was an integral part to my healing journey. For the last three years, I do a maintenance dose about every six months. My last infusion was about 5 months ago. I am now a better father, husband and friend that writing this pain free and happier than I ever knew I could be."

Larry J Bond

Your health is in
good hands

Dr. Hassan is the medical director of Brain Health Restoration, a national network of Integrative mental health clinics offering cutting edge therapies.

Meet some of our team from Brazil to the United States


Vanessa Uriza

Brazilian Patient Liaison
Vanessa will coordinate all your logistics for your trip to FL from Brazil.

Myriah Jannette, PhD

Psychedelic Integration Coach

Jesian Akey

Ketamine Patient Coordinator

Devonia Dixon-Burse

Award-winning Critical Care Nurse

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Frequently asked questions


Do you offer financing for the treatment?

We have very affordable financing options that includes all treatments, travel and lodging.

How long does it take for ketamine to start working?

You will feel the effects within 1 minute of starting your Ketamine infusion. The benefits can begin to be noticeable within hours.

How many sessions of ketamine do I need?

The standard protocol is 6 IV Ketamine Sessions

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